GTEN LTE Modem Routers designed for North America.

Featuring the Infinite vSeries Modem Router

GTEN Infinite Modem Router Features:

  • High speed Gigabit Ethernet network ports with WAN failover if required.
  • Advanced Wi-Fi 5 that support a,b,g,n and AC 802.1 standards.
  • MIMO LTE 4×4 design with Internal and External LTE antenna ports.
  • Redone and easy to use GUI but extensive for the advanced user if needed.
  • USB Media port for local network data/printer sharing.
  • GUI controls to limit speed and access per local device connected.
  • Rugged black housing to provide support of internal components.
  • Wired WAN Fail-over support for Satellite and Fiber networks.
  • GUI advanced firewall options.
  • Dual channel WiFi configuration with Guest options.
  • Complete LTE Signal Status and Information.
  • LTE Carrier Aggregation Status indicator.
  • Multi Channel Band Locking options.
  • WAN controls with IPv6 compliance.

Infinite vSeries by GTEN North America


vSeries LTE Routers designed to be FAST!

Blasting into the future with our latest design, the Infinite vSeries of modems uses superior technology to deliver speeds equal to wire based broadband. LTE/5G wireless technology is on the forefront of innovation and leads in broadband availability where other classes of service just cannot reach. Infinite vSeries is designed from North America and beyond, making this modem a worthwhile investment for many years to come.

Stronger processor, faster hardware, and superior radio card, the Infinite vSeries will exceed the performance of any other LTE Modem Router on the market today.  Most of the sub-par routers can cost upwards of $500, We are priced to offer amazing product presences while delivering top notch services that exceed the current market offerings.

Developed by our GTEN wireless engineers in America, the Infinite vSeries has been designed with the end user in mind and is a complete upgraded from our previous modem design.

GTEN Modem Development History

The GTEN Infinite vSeries LTE Modem was designed by Robert V in conjunction with Mark G to provide America with a future rich wireless router capable of receiving an LTE signal and then rebroadcasting the LTE signal over Wi-Fi or a local Ethernet network for home and business use. Introduced in 2016 the Infinite Tablet Modem device quickly gained high praise for it’s ease of use and LTE band locking capabilities. In today’s wireless market the GTEN Infinite vSeries router modem is the industry standard for Rural America and continues to impress with its high functionality and low cost compared to other higher cost products in the market.


Infinite vSeries Modem Router Model Comparison

Modem devices designed to be used with Infinite Internet services.

GTEN Infinite vSeries Warranty Information:

NEW Modem equipment and Antennas purchased directly from GTEN North America Inc., Infinite Internet Corporation, 4G Antenna Shop Inc and/or Dynami Wireless are covered by our limited no hassle warranty for 1 year from the date of purchase, GTEN will repair or replace equipment that is deemed to be defective from normal operation, this includes cables, adapters, antennas and other included items. If you modem experiences any trouble please contact GTEN support at for warranty assistance. Internet outages are covered by the service provider, please contact their support team directly for more information.

Interested in learning more about our new Infinite vSeries device. Contact us at 850-449-8888

GTEN Infinite v4 (CR400) Tablet Modem Important Notice

Effective immediately the v3/v3a/v4/v4a/CR400 modem device have all been officially retired by GTEN North America Inc.. Our remaining stock is considered refurbished and only carries a 90 Day warranty from the date of purchase. No further software releases will be issued, and the device will no longer be manufactured or sold as new by GTEN.

GTEN Infinite  LTE/5G Modems and Antennas.

High Gain LTE/5G Outdoor Antenna

GTEN Outdoor Antenna Designs help you set up shop just about anywhere with fast internet that helps you connect all your critical business applications such as voice over IP (VoIP), point-of-sale transactions, cloud-based storage and collaboration, email, file transfers, (M)IoT connectivity, and more.

GTEN Infinite vSeries modem wholesale pricing.

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