Welcome to 4GAS Internet Device Support
Interested in learning more about your new Internet device from 4GAS, we offer the following support guides below:


For Device data tracking setup:
(Click on the link below)

For WIFI Network and Security setup:
(Click on the link below)

For Device Firmware updates:
(Click on the link below)

For help checking your signal strength:
(Click on the link below)
For help locking to one LTE Band:
(Click on the link below)

For help changing DHCP/IP Address:
(Click on the link below)

For help using your own wireless router:
(Click on the link below)
For help performing a factory reset:
For help with slower speeds after
data allotment is used up:
(Click on the link below)
For help with setting your APN:
(Click on the link below)
For help with setting your device to 4G:
(Click on the link below)

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