The 4GAS.ONLINE Rural America One Data Plan requires the use of a wireless internet device capable for receiving our signal. 4GAS.Online products are designed to offer the very best internet experience delivered right to your home business.


4GAS.ONLINE Wireless Internet device (Required) is about the size of a small paperback book. (Recommended to keep by a window) 4GAS.Online wireless internet devices make connectivity to the Internet a breeze, just plug into your power outlet and use the internet. It is that simple.

Developed by 4GAS.ONLINE and made with you in mind our wireless internet device offers connectivity to the cellular network. Poor signal in an area is no longer an issue because our device also offers two external antenna ports to enhance your wireless signal with an outdoor antenna setup which will help stabilize a weaker connection tower connection.

4GAS wireless internet device offers an LTE Cat 4 chipset with access to the North American LTE channel band system which covers BAND2 (1900 Mhz), BAND 4 (2100 Mhz) and BAND 12/13/17 (700 Mhz) for deeper signal penetration. Furthermore our wireless internet device offers channel band locking features and automatic tower setup and has ultra-fast boot up time that gets you on the internet quickly.

Easy to install, configure and troubleshoot. 4GAS.ONLINE has made getting on the internet affordable and fun with the 4GAS.ONLINE wireless internet device.

Detailed information about our 4GAS wireless internet device:

The public model number is: C100-T (this is the second model of wireless internet device line)

The modem was designed and created by 4G ANTENNA SHOP INC. and is manufactured in CHINA.

Launch date:
Announced August 2017, Released to the public on October 2017

WWAN Network Technology:
LTE Advanced 2 – Category 4 Maximum Speed 150MBSDL/50MBSUP

LTE Channel Coverage: B2 1900 MHZ / B4 1700/2100MHZ / B12 700A 700MHZ / B17 700C 700MHZ / B13 700E 700MHZ

UTMS (HPSA+): B2 1900 MHZ / B4 1700/2100MHZ

LTE MIMO Capable, LTE Band Lock Capable, External Antenna Capable x 2 SMA ports


WLAN (WIFI) Network Technology:


 Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n, MIMO dual-band

Maximum of NA concurrent clients/devices. MAC Filter

Wifi Coverage, Wifi Sleep Mode, Wifi Disable


LAN (Ethernet) Network Technology:

Ethernet 1Port:


Supports DHCP with Gateway



Body Case details:


6 x 6 x 2.5 in


0.67 lbs

Case Build:

Hard plastic, White case with Red Frame

SIM Card slot:

Single SIM (Standard-SIM)

Power supply details:

Uses 12V, 1AMP DC Power Adapter (Included)

Modem website management details:

GUI Modem Website

Default password for GUI: admin

Signal meter and details information

Data usage monitor settings

Firmware upgrade capable

Included equipment w/ modem:

Modem manual

AC Power supply

1FT Ethernet Cable

2x SMA Rabbit Antennas

2x SMA Adapters for external antennas (Only if outdoor antennas are purchased)

Average users install difficulty:

Minimal install experience required.

Next version update:
Model number C400-VOLTE Announced August 2017, Intends to be released to the public on TBD and will have the following updates: ATT BAND 5 Support, TMO BAND 71 Support, Voice over LTE.

Modem is not included with service plan price. No technician visit required. Easy to install, no special tools required.
Our equipment features a 60 day money back no hassle refund!!!! Does not work for you, send it back no questions asked.

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