The 4GAS.ONLINE Rural America One Data Plan requires the use of a wireless internet modem capable for receiving our signal. 4GAS.Online modem and antenna products are designed to offer the very best internet experience delivered right to your home business and what is even better is that our equipment is very affordable with low cost bundle options.


Here’s how wireless internet from 4GAS.Online works:

  1. You’re on your laptop or tablet and you click on your favorite website. The signal goes to your 4GAS.Online modem and then through a short cable to the antenna outside your home (if required). Not all areas require an outdoor antenna.
  2. The signal is transmitted to our wireless towers in your neighborhood and not 22500 miles away in the sky which enhances your speed of use.
  3. The connection to the internet remains strong during poor weather conditions because our service transmitters are on the ground.
  4. The modem delivers the wireless signal from 4GAS.Online back into the home via ethernet or wireless wifi technologies.
This all happens at the speed of light, giving you download speeds of up to 40 Mbps in some areas. The signal goes back and forth in a fraction of a second, allowing you to get online, stream music and videos and send large emails quickly and smoothly. It’s as simple as plugging in the modem to your power outlet.


4GAS.Online equipment is easy to install and the Internet comes ready to use.



Outdoor Wireless Antenna (Optional but recommended)

An outdoor antenna for your 4GAS.Online Internet is smaller than a satellite TV antenna dish and can be installed on the roof or the side of your home. Even if you do not require an external antenna, in most cases it will help improve your signal quality and internet download speeds.



4GAS.ONLINE Wireless Internet Modem (Required)

Our line of modems are about the size of a small paperback book. You can put the modem on your desk or set it on a shelf. 4GAS.Online wireless internet modems offer built-in WiFi router and an Ethernet port which make connectivity to the Internet a breeze, just plug the modem into your power outlet and use the internet. It is that simple.





Do I have to use an outdoor antenna?

4GAS.Online uses land based wireless towers which have already been pre-installed in your area to provide high speed Internet service. All you need in order to access high speed Internet services is a great spot to place your new 4GAS.Online modem and outdoor antenna. No need to look to the sky like satellite. Even in rural settings, the high speed wireless signal can reach your home. 4GAS.Online recommends the use of an outdoor antenna to help improve the quality of the signal. Keep in mind the better your signal the better your speeds.

Equipment options offered by 4GAS.ONLINE

Our LTE options offer the fastest speeds available.

The 4GAS.ONLINE 4G LTE Hub Modem.

The first 4GLTE wireless modem developed by 4GAS.ONLINE is a table top modem that offers an Ethernet port for hard line computer connectivity. This modem also offers Wi-Fi N and allows up to 32 wireless devices to connect to the internet. Need more signal no problem! This modem also offers two external antenna ports to enhance your internet signal with an outdoor antenna setup An outdoor antenna setup is recommended, this will help stabilize a weaker connection.

Developed with the customer in mind, our newest modem offers an LTE Cat 4 chipset with access to the 700Mhz band for deeper signal penetration, Also this modem has ultra-fast boot up and restore time plus it is easily to configure and troubleshoot. 4GAS.ONLINE has made getting on the internet affordable and fun with the 4GAS.ONLINE LTE Hub Modem.

This modem offers average download speeds between 10 - 30 Mbps with burst up to 40Mbps on the 4G LTE Network.

More network details can be found here. 

Package Contents:

(A) 4GAS ONLINE LTE HUB Modem with SIM card preinstalled with 2 Indoor Antennas.

(B) AC 12V 1A Power Adapter

(C) 1ft. Ethernet Cable (Provided upon request only)

(D) Instruction Manual can be downloaded or provided upon request.


Modem is not included with service plan price. No technician visit required. Easy to install, no special tools required.
Our equipment features a 60 day money back no hassle refund!!!! Does not work for you, send it back no questions asked.

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