The Infinite v5 series of Advanced LTE tablet routers.

Powerful design, fastest chipset and latest technology in an LTE router device. 

Suggested Retail Price $299.99

4GAS has partnered with Quectel, a leader in wireless development.  Together, we have introduced the EG18-NA LTE-A Category 18 radio card as our initial v5 modem design and eventually will move into the 5G space with the upcoming future release of the Quectel RM500Q sub6 5G radio card. We are really excited to bring this new modem to market because it’s already 5G capable and you won’t have to replace it when 5G services finally become widely available.


The fastest LTE Router on the planet!

Blasting into the future with our latest design, the Infinite v5 modem uses superior technology to deliver speeds equal to 5G while using the same existing nationwide LTE network.  We’ve estimated that LTE technology will remain innovative and in full use for the next 12-15 years as it continues to expand throughout North America, making this product a worthwhile investment for the future.

With a stronger processor, faster hardware, and superior radio card, the Infinite v5 modem will exceed the performance of any other LTE router on the market today.  Most of the sub-par routers support only Category 4 LTE radio technology and can cost upwards of $500.00!.   While some of the higher priced units on the market have started to use Category 6 LTE radio technology, these categories are over 5 years old and still lag behind in relation to today’s demand on the LTE network.

Developed by our 4GAS wireless engineers in America, the Infinite v5 has been designed with the end user in mind and is completely upgraded from our previous modem design.

  • Application: LTE-A Cat 18 LGA Module M.2 Motherboard Design
  • Equipment Class: JAB – Part 15 Class B Digital Device

v5a GUI Introduction Video below

Infinite v5 LTE Tablet Modem Router

Infinite is designing the future with the v5

v5 Highlights

  • Gigabit Ethernet Network with WAN failover if required. 4 Ports.
  • Faster Wi-Fi chipsets that support a,b,g,n and AC 802.1 standards.
  • Internal and External LTE antenna to prevent antenna failures.
  • Easy to use GUI but extensive for the advanced user if needed.
  • USB Media port for local network data sharing.
  • GUI controls to limit speed and access per local device connected.
  • Rugged black housing to provide support of internal components.
  • Common household power adapter in case of lighting. 12V2A DC
  • Includes high quality Ethernet Cable (CAT6) and external antenna adapters.
  • Wired WAN Fail-over
  • USB Media file sharing on the GUI.
  • GUI advanced firewall options.
  • WiFi configuration with Guest options.
  • Complete Signal Status and Information.
  • Carrier Aggregation Status.
  • Band Locking with multi channel options.
  • WAN controls with IPv6 compliance.
  • Easy firmware update controls.

Modem Front

Motherboard Front

v5 Speed Test on Verizon

Modem Back

Motherboard Back

v5 Speed Test on AT&T

Completely Redeisgned User Interface

With our v5 innovation, our latest design out performs many mainstream models in the same category with improved technology and more on board processing power, the v5 is a look at the industries future. Our goal is to provide superb broadband services to all Americans nationwide.