Infinite Professional Internet

Symmetrical Dedicated Fiber Internet with LTE Back-haul for the most reliable connection in Rural America.

Guaranteed speeds for your business. Don’t let shared traffic slow you down.
Up to 1Gbps, 99.95% service uptime and 24×7 monitoring and technical support to keep you running at the speed of business.

Infinite Professional uses LTE Wireless WAN backup to always keep you in service, our Professional setup includes Fiber being brought to your location. Using our v5 Tablet Router to connect you to our vast Fiber network for the ultimate Internet experience.

When Business leads to the world wide network.


Dedicated Internet

Meaningful Innovation
•Investing in the future
•Broad global footprint
•Manage costs as well as existing investments

Responsive Control
•Network monitoring 24/7
•Bandwidth for last mile application

Predictive Security
•Infrastructure helps ensure confidentiality and integrity of communications

Increased Agility
•Complementary layer 2 and layer 3 solutions
•Multiple speed, management and access options

Enhanced Performance
•Product breadth & depth
•Servicing capabilities
•Product stability business continuity

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Infinite Professional Internet?

Infinite Professional Fiber LTE Internet is our premier internet service that is ideal for virtually all businesses:

  • A dedicated connection that’s used only by your business.
  • Highly secure and helps you stay connected to your partners, customers, and employees.
  • Proactively monitored and supported 24/7 by our Director of Information Technology.

Where is Infinite Fiber Internet available ?

Infinite Professional Fiber LTE Internet is broadly available. You’ll find it:

  • Puerto Rico
  • U.S. Virgin Islands
  • United States

How is Infinite Professional Internet activated?

Infinite Internet can be easily installed to work with your company’s existing network.

  • Prompt installation to help you meet your business needs.
  • Instant activation of services over LTE until Fiber is installed.
  • Easy and discreet connections.

Go faster with Infinite Professional Internet