The 4GAS Internet Device allows for you to manage your devices internal IP address.


To get started, make sure your Internet Device is connected, powered up and is displaying a green WI-FI signal in the front panel of the device and / or the green Ethernet light



Follow the steps listed below to change your device's internal IP address:


Step 1. Make sure your device is connected to the 4GAS Internet device.

Step 2. Open an up an Internet browser such as Google Chrome.

Step 3. Type in the following information in the URL section of the web browser, and then hit enter. (See Example):

Step 4. Enter the password to access the modem, The default password is the word "admin". (See Example):


Step 5. You will now be at the 4GAS Internet device home page, now look for a section that says CONNECTION STATUS, in the box you will be able shut off any active LTE connections, this is required so you can make changes to the device. (See Example):



Step 6. Now continue on the device home page and look for a section that says ADVANCED settings, click on the ADVANCED settings link to continue. (See Example):



Step 7. After you click on the ADVANCED settings link above, you will now have access to the Advanced settings menu, now click on the ROUTER button to continue. (See Example):

Step 8. Now you are at the Router Settings Menu. Now set the information below:

  • IP Address: This is the IP address of the router. You can access page management on this device via the set IP address. Factory set to
  • Subnet Mask: DHCP Subnet mask for IP addresses on your network.
  • DHCP Server Enable: If the Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) service is enabled, the device allocates IP addresses to clients connected to it.
  • DHCP Server Disable: If the Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) service is disabled, the device does not allocate IP addresses to clients connected to it and IP addresses must be entered manually from each client.
  • DHCP IP Pool: Starting and Ending IP address specify IP address range which is assigned by DHCP server to access devices. The IP address out of this range cannot be assigned by DHCP server. The starting point can be from XXX.XXX.XXX.2 to XXX.XXX.XXX.254
  • DHCP Lease Time: Lease Time specifies how long a computer can use IP address. If the device will continue to use IP address, it must initiate request again before lease time expires. This IP address will not assign to another device until the old device initiates no request when its lease time expires.




Final Step. Reboot your Internet device and your new changes should take effect, if you forget your new IP address settings you can factory reset the Internet device by using the pin hole reset in back of the device. Factory Reset Instructions can be found by clicking here.