The 4GAS Internet modem may be updated as required.





To get started, make sure your Internet Device is connected, powered up and is displaying a green WIFI signal in the front panel of the device  and / or the green Ethernet light 




In order to update your firmware your Internet device should be connected over a Ethernet connection (Ethernet cable supplied), WIFI connection for updating is not recommended.


First you must download the latest firmware files.


Check your email for the download links. Contact us for firmware files.




Follow the steps listed below to update your firmware, you will need to repeat the process up to 3 times depending on the size of the firmware:


Step 1> Make sure your computer device is connected to the 4GAS Internet modem.

Step 2> Open an up an internet browser such as Google Chrome.

Step 3> Type in the following information in the URL section of the web browser, and then hit enter. (See Example):

Step 4> Enter the password to access the modem, the default password is the word “admin”. (See Example):


Step 5> You will now be at the 4GAS internet device home page, now look for a section that says ADVANCED SETTINGS and click on that link. (See Example):





Step 6> After you click on the Advanced settings link above, you will now have access to the Update Menu Option, click on Update to continue (See Example):



Step 7> Then click on the browse button to find the firmware files you downloaded in the beginning of this process.



Step 8> After you have found your new firmware file click on open. This will load the file to your modem then click on UPDATE and the process will start, you will need to do this process for each firmware file, The modem will restart after the firmware file is loaded.



Your firmware is now updated, and you will have the latest modem settings capability.

Make sure to clear your browser’s cache or use a private browser after updating your modem, to see the new changes.