To get started, make sure your Internet Device is connected, powered up and is displaying a green WI-FI signal in the front panel of the device  and / or the green Ethernet light 
Follow the steps listed below to set your device to 4G ONLY:

Step 1. Make sure your computer/device is connected to the 4GAS Internet device.

Step 2.Open up an Internet browser such as Google Chrome.

Step 3.Type in the following information in the URL section of the web browser, and then hit enter. (See Example):

Step 4.Enter the password to access the modem, The default password is the word “admin”. (See Example):
Step 5.You will now be at the 4GAS Internet device home page, now look for a section that says STATISTICS, in the box you will be setup data usage tracking, click settings in the ORANGE box to continue. (See Example):


Step 6.Now you are at the Data Management page. (See Example):
You can edit the following to your preferences below:
  1. Clear Data Day per month – Recommended to be set to the 11th for all T-Mobile customers, for AT&T please consult with customer care for your data reset day.
  2. Data Management – Set to ENABLE to use data tracking.
  3. Data Type – Set to Data to track data usage or Time to track hours used.
  4. You can also set your data plan type and reminders in this option.

Step 7.After you have set your settings above, click on apply to save and return to the home page of your device by click the 4GAS ONLINE logo on the top of the page. Now your device is set to track your data usage. (See Example):

Completed. You have now set your device to track your usage.