Custom Internet Plans for Heavy Data Users
$ 1 per GB per month (MRC)
Every custom data package customer will have their own group data policy for their company in our system which enables the ability to customize data usage, set speed limits, control add-on data options and purchase more data after the initial purchase if needed.
This is a non-contract plan and no long term commitments are required..
All custom data customers will be billed on the 17th of the month and prorated charges will apply when signing up. During high speed allotment usage, the average service speed is 15 MbpsD/5 MbpsU/120 ms with a maximum potential of 45 MbpsD/20 MbpsU/100 ms. Overall data speed will depend on signal reception quality and neighborhood tower congestion.
Slow speeds are up to 5 MbpsD/5 MbpsU/140ms after the high-speed data allotment is used.
Minimum entry point to subscribe for this plan is 200GB of data, which with the 5% discount would cost $190 monthly, remember the more GB you buy up front the more you save.
Monthly percent savings discount Between $200 - $500 5% Between $500 - $1000 10% Between $1000 - $2000 15% Above $2000 25%
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