Infinite by 4GAS has helped personally designed the new wide band, high gain directional parabolic antenna which provides coverage over the 600 to 6400 MHz frequency pattern.  The new patent pending antenna provides narrow beam width with 15 to 27dBi directivity plus Ultra Wide Band continuous coverage in a lightweight, easy to assemble package. The antenna weighs only 6.5 Lbs and withstands 140MPH winds.  An excellent choice for rural cellular telephony modems and booster/BDA installations. The new antenna is completely developed and assembled in the USA.



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Antenna Specifications and Features

The 4GAS External Parabolic antenna public model number is: 4GAS PARA2 - RELEASED April 20, 2019


  • 2G, 3G, 4G. Works on all worldwide cellular bands for voice & data:                   

  • LTE/CDMA/GSM/UMTS/AWS. 600Mhz band included.

  • All WiFi Bands, and new 5G,  600MHz & 3.5GHz spectrum

  • Simple install kit with tilt/swivel mast bracket for 1.25 to 2” diameter pipe/mast

  • Light Weight, Easy To Assemble & Install For Home And Office

  • Heavy-Duty Commercial Grade Model

  • Currently priced for retail at $200.00 one time purchase.

  • Wire Adapter kit included: Cable not included. (pictured below)

  • Features one N Male to F Female Adapter and one F Female to SMA Adapter (Shipped separately)

  • Ability to use regular Coax Cable found at your local hardware or convenience store.

N Male to F Female Adapter
F Female to SMA Adapter


Frequency range (MHZ)                              600  -  6500

Polarization                                                   Vertical  or Horizontal

Gain(dBi)                                                        15 Low / 20 Mid / 25 High Bands

Half-power beam width(°)                           Low Band: 20 Horiz, 23 Vert

Half-power beam width(°)                           Mid Band: 12 Horiz, 15 Vert

Half-power beam width(°)                           High Band: 7 Horiz, 9 Vert

Front-to-back ratio(dB)                                ≥20 AVG

Impedance(Ω)                                                50/75

VSWR                                                               ≤1.6:1 / 1.4:1 avg

Maximum input power(W)                            100

Lightning protection                                       DC Ground

Mechanical specifications

Connector                                                       N-female

Dimensions (in / mm)                                   24x39x16 / 60x99x40

Dimensions, boxed (in / mm)                       20x25x4 / 51x63x10

Antenna weight (lb / kg)                                5.3 / 2.4 w/bracket

Packing weight (lb / kg)                                 7.2 / 3.3

Wind loading area (sqr ft / m)                   

Rated wind velocity (mph / kph)                   130 / 209

Wind Load @ Rated Velo. (lb / kg)                150 / 68                                           

Mounting mast diam. (in / mm)                    1.5-2.0 / 40-50

Reflector material                                             Aluminium

Reflector Finish:                                                Electrostatic Powder Coat

Radome material                                              ASA Anti UV

Antenna System color                                     Flat Gray

Water resistance                                              IPX Weather rated

Operating temperature(℃ / F)                       -40 to +60  / -40 to +14


Average users installation difficulty:

Minimal installation experience required.

The 4GAS ONLINE outdoor antenna does NOT require any technician visit to installation or start up service costs which will save you money compared to our competitors.

Outdoor antenna purchase is NOT required to use 4GAS ONLINE Internet Data Plans and is not included with service plan price.