Master Acceptable Data Use Policy for AT&T Clients


THIS POLICY DOES NOT APPLY TO ANY OTHER PRODUCT OFFERED BY THE 4G ANTENNA SHOP INC, other products offered may have there own data usage policy, please check with the product you are using or consider purchasing for further details.


Date: June 22, 2020

Re: Updated fair usage and data policy for all users.

Effective immediately, this is considered the latest Acceptable Data Use Policy in force and is subject to change without any further notice.

4G Antenna Shop uses an access point name (APN) to manage the content and delivery of our service, enabling us to monitor traffic and ensure that end-users remain in compliance with our Acceptable Data Use Policy. The kinds of traffic that we predominantly limit are those that consume excessive amounts of data in short periods and create tower congestion
that limits other end-users.

The following is a list of common activities that we may restrict to enhance service to all subscribers:

  1. Excessive use of streaming video services, including but not limited to Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, Apple TV+, Disney+, Roku TV, Sling TV, and Tubi TV
  2. Excessive use of online video game services, including but not limited to Xbox Live, Playstation Network, and Nintendo Direct
  3. Excessive use of social media platforms that report heavy usage, including but not limited to TikTok, Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook
  4. Peer-to-peer networking services — also known as “torrenting.”
  5. Use of any Access Point Name that is not provided by 4G Antenna Shop Inc.
  6. Use of more than 300GB per month on a single SIM card – UPDATED 06/22/2020
  7. Alarming usage (50% or more of their data allotment) in the first several days of a billing cycle
  8. Resale and subsequent utilization of service for public or “internet cafe-style” use

Limiting these services is imperative to reducing network strain and ensuring that most users see equal speeds and access.

Any plan on our service will see their speeds reduced to up to 100Kbp/s or service may be stopped completely after 350GB (UPDATED 06/22/2020) of usage on any single service plan, or if using an APN that is not assigned by 4G Antenna Shop.

Data Abuse Counseling Program

Data usage is consistently over high-speed allotments, which is creating congestion on towers and resulting in reduced network efficacy for non-abusive customers. Common usage is 80GB-220GB, with certain users consuming upwards of 300GB of data on a single line, during one billing cycle. Additionally, the most prevalent type of network traffic being reported through the AML management portal is identified as Content Delivery Networks and game services. These are not business or business-related uses.

Any traffic identified as a potential abuse case will be reported and the end-user will receive one (1) warning and must agree to remain in compliance with this policy. Any further violations of this policy can or will result in termination of the service.

This initiative aims to reduce or eliminate the number of active monthly users that surpass their high-speed data allotment, particularly those that are considered “heavy users” at over 300GB in one billing cycle.

This policy applies to service codes (ATT+) and (APEX3)