To get started, make sure your Internet Device is connected, powered up and is displaying a green WI-FI signal in the front panel of the device and / or the green Ethernet light



Follow the steps listed below to set your device to 4G ONLY:


Step 1. Make sure your computer/device is connected to the 4GAS Internet device.

Step 2. Open an up an Internet browser such as Google Chrome.

Step 3. Type in the following information in the URL section of the web browser, and then hit enter. (See Example):

Step 4. Enter the password to access the modem, The default password is the word "admin". (See Example):


Step 5. You will now be at the 4GAS Internet device home page, now look for a section that says CONNECTION STATUS, in the box you will be able shut off any active LTE connections, this is required so you can make changes to the device. (See Example):



Step 6. Now continue on the device home page and look for a section that says NETWORK SETTINGS, in that section you will be able to find the link to update your settings, click on the NETWORK settings link to continue. (See Example):



Step 7. After you click on the NETWORK settings link above, you will now have access to the connection settings menu, now click on the NETWORK SELECTION button. (See Example):

Step 8. Now you are at NETWORK SELECTION settings. The device default is set to automatic and usually that works for everyone but in the event you need to manually set your devices network, you can drop down the preferred network selector and choose 4G ONLY and then hit APPLY to save your changes. (See example): 
This will prevent the modem from searching on the 3G network. You can also set the modem to 3G ONLY if you want to just have access to the WDCMA/HSPA+ network.

Completed. You have now set your preferred network and you should see a 4G icon on the front display of your Internet device. (If you choose 3G ONLY, a 4G light will not display), this means your device is connected to the LTE tower. You can proceed to check your signal strength and LTE Band Channel information to ensure that your are now in service.  For assistance with checking your signal strength click here.