Wireless Device Specifications and Features

The 4GAS Internet Device public model number is: 4GAS CPE V3A, V12 FIRMWARE RELEASED MARCH 1, 2019

  • Allows for external outdoor antenna setup with 2 external antenna ports.

  • Allows up to 32 Wi-fi connected devices at once.

  • Standard Ethernet port to connect wired devices. Switch compatible.

  • Features desktop stand for easy mounting.

  • Features broadcast channel band locking to hold best signal acquired.

  • Easy end user graphical interface over web browser.

  • Rugged and durable design.

  • Currently priced for retail at $150.00 one time purchase.

WAN (Wide Area Network) Radio Details:

  1. ZTE Chipset LTE advanced 2 – Category 4A
  2. 4G LTE channel coverage: CH2/CH4/CH12/13/17/CH5
  3. 3G UTMS (HSPA+): CH2/CH4/CH5
  4. LTE MIMO Diversity capable
  5. LTE Channel band lock capable
  6. Neighborhood tower scanner
  7. Outdoor External Antenna Capable.
  8. Automatic APN settings for all common carriers.

WLAN (WIFI) Network Technology:

  1. Wi-fi 802.11 b/g/n, MIMO dual-band Wi-fi Antenna inside.
  2. Maximum of 32 concurrent clients/devices over Wi-fi.
  3. Wireless MAC filter
  4. Low power Wi-fi Coverage
  5. Wi-fi Disable possible to add an external Wi-fi stronger router.
  6. Wireless security features OPEN/WPA(TKIP)/WPA2(AES) Security
  7. WPS PIN enabled

LAN (Ethernet) Network Technology:

  1. Ethernet port(s) included: 1 Ethernet Port
  2. Ethernet Port speed: 10/100
  3. DHCP routings with gateway access. 

Body Case details: C400U DETAILS ONLY


6 x 6 x 2.5 in


0.67 lbs

Case Build:

Hard plastic, Black Frame

SIM Card slot:

Single SIM (Standard-SIM)

Power supply details: C400U DETAILS ONLY

Uses 12V, 1AMP DC Power Adapter (Included)

Modem website management details:

  1. GUI Modem Website
  2. Default password for GUI: admin
  3. Signal meter and details information
  4. Data usage monitor settings
  5. Firmware upgrade capable

Included equipment w/ C400U Home modem:

  1. Modem manual and AC Power supply
  2. 1FT Ethernet Cable
  3. 2x SMA Rabbit Antennas

Average users installation difficulty:

Minimal installation experience required.

The 4GAS ONLINE Internet device does NOT require any technician visit to installation or start up service costs which will save you money compared to our competitors.

Internet device purchase is required to use 4GAS ONLINE Internet Data Plans and is not included with service plan price.