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The 4GAS ONLINE Nationwide Internet network is similar to your wireless cellphone, that is because your data is beamed directly to your home business via a signal from your neighborhood wireless tower and NOT from satellites in space. This new Internet program is available just about anywhere in the United States Rural America communities. We are faster than satellite, extremely cost effective and the very best alternative to costly satellite Internet.

4GAS ONLINE Price Match Guarantee!

We won't be beat on our service pricing. We'll match and best the service plan prices1 of key online and local competitors. Special considerations: At the time of sale, we price match all local retail competitors (including their online prices) and we price match products shipped from and sold by major online retailers in the same space.

1. Find the exact same plan that we offer cheaper and we will beat it. Must be in the same plan offering of what we are offering now.

At 4GAS.ONLINE we have personally designed the wireless Internet devices that can receive the strongest tower signal possible. These modem designs are tailored to provide you the very best Internet experience no matter if you are on the go or using this the service at your home business.


Satellite Internet and the Internet service provided by 4GAS ONLINE, are nothing alike. We are local in your neighborhood. Therefore, our service avoids the typical “delays” that can happen with Satellite Internet providers. Don't forget Satellite Internet data must travel about 22,236 miles! Yikes, that is very far compared to the 4GAS ONLINE Nationwide network tower which is just down the street. Here are just a few of the raw numbers for the tech in your group.

4GAS ONLINE Internet
Exceed Satellite Internet
HughesNet Internet
Latency - Time it takes data to travel to your computer. 40ms-120ms 500ms-1.2s 500ms-1.2s
Network download speeds - Fastest speeds over Satellite.

10-35 Mbps Download

5-18 Mbps 5-18 Mbps
High speed data allowance - You choose the high speed data.

Up to 120GB with our highest plan

50GB with highest plan

50GB with highest plan

SD/HD Video and Music Streaming after allotment. Yes, at lower quality resolutions No No
Contracts and 2 year commitments, term fee.         None and no cancel fees Yes requires 2 years minimum Yes requires 2 years minimum
Overage charges for extra data     None Requires Liberty Pass $15 per add GB
Weather Related Outages 99% Uptime during weather. Yes – rain fade Yes – rain fade
Cost to lease equipment            

No Lease, You own the equipment.

$10 monthly not included $10 monthly not included