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LTE Services Compared to Satellite:

Creating great equipment does not mean you have to cut costs or overcharge the consumer. After 9 years of working with the Rural American community, we have build and continue to improve a product that is best in class in the industry. These days, the Rural America client is highly educated in this project and Infinite Internet continues to meet the demands of this high paced wireless market.

At Infinite, our equipment is provided to compete with the core Satellite market and not to be a replacement to traditional wire-line services such as DSL or Cable, which are readily available in most major cities. Infinite does not conduct business in these metropolitan environments nor can we compete in them. Outside of these 12 major trading areas there is a high demand for high-speed data services where hard lines services can’t or don’t reach. LTE technology can make an impact, go beyond the wire and continue to close the digital divide for Rural America.

The results are clear when comparing LTE rural services to satellite.

Together let us explore why our Infinite Equipment Solutions is the best fit for your 4G LTE service needs for many years to come.

Infinite Internet expertise in the wireless industry


Providing a great product is all about understanding what the consumer needs. Today LTE data has become a relevant and driven revenue source for Rural Americans. This program is in extreme demand because wire-line data services just cannot reach everywhere, nor will the United States and Mexico ever have wire-line services that reach everyone. That is a simple fact.

For some time, Satellite Internet has dominated and ignored a market and has been able to set a high margin price point while providing low quality services.  A simple Google search will reveal how many unhappy customers continue to complain about their satellite internet service.  This is partly understandable because with satellite internet service the signal has to travel 23,000 miles to space and back two times just to complete one round trip – that’s a total minimum of 92.000 miles!  This creates a high amount of latency, and high latency equals poor service.

With LTE the distance required for your data transmission to make a round trip is drastically shorter compared to satellite because your data only has to travel through the air to the nearest local cellular tower.  This provides such an enhanced Internet experience compared to satellite with much faster load times and much lower latency.

Infinite Internet has a solid Rural America internet product. Our partnerships with several major carriers enable us to offer quality services to all potential markets across the United States. Infinite Internet continues its mission to provide quality data services beyond where the wire-line data services stop.

Rural America data services are considered a true utility and is in high demand with a great recurring revenue model.

Unlimited LTE Data Plans

There will never be an option for you to get unlimited data like you had in the early days of the smartphone.

Yet that hasn’t stopped carriers and other small resellers from trumpeting so-called unlimited data plans. But if a carrier says you’ll get unlimited data, it’s leaving out an important part of the story.

In a recent example “a major carrier” announced a new “unlimited” plan.  This sounds great until you see the caveats where they will slow down your data speeds if you go over 22 GB of data within a billing period.  This is commonly referred to as “throttling” and is a term that tends to make customers cringe. Throttling significantly slows your connection down until the next billing cycle begins. If you’ve ever been throttled, you know it makes your phone nearly impossible to use.  Hotspot usage over 10GB is also throttled.

90% of the Resellers in the United States are not authorized resellers, which means they are selling plans that are restricted from resale and will eventually go offline.

So instead of wasting your time, here’s the deal: You will always have to pay for high-speed wireless data.  If you go over a certain limit, you’ll have to pay more or deal with painfully slow speeds. There is no such a thing as an unlimited data plan, at least until someone creates a new and revolutionary way for us to wirelessly connect to the internet.

Today, “unlimited” is more of a marketing term that only means you won’t be charged more for going over a certain data cap. It doesn’t mean you’re guaranteed full-speed, unlimited data.

But there is some good news.

Infinite Internet offers equipment to work with any LTE carrier in the nation, regardless of the set amount of high speed data per month. LTE offers reliability that surpasses Satellite services so you know you will not be without service at any time.  You can now structure your data plan to have data allowance based on a daily or monthly basis.

Infinite remains vigilant to ensure all users have fair access to the Nationwide LTE carrier network and will never sell wireless products irresponsibly.

Why choose LTE over Satellite Internet?

LTE is up to 10x faster than typical DSL

Whether you run a farm, warehouse, medical office, restaurant, national retail chain or other type of business, you now have broadband capabilities that can keep up with your operations. 4G LTE internet is the best of its kind, providing broadband speeds up to 100 Mbps in select areas.

Fast installs

No need to wait on a technician! Infinite Internet equipment is typically received in just 3 to 5 days after placing your order, so you can get up and running immediately.

LTE has you covered nationwide

LTE provides a one-stop solution for businesses with multiple locations, enabling critical business applications such as voice over IP, point-of-sale transactions, cloud backup, file downloads, online collaboration, and more. LTE will help you seamlessly connect, no matter where your business is located.

You get a diverse backup connection

Businesses that rely on internet connectivity to operate in Rural America can now choose LTE internet as a primary or secondary connection because it provides a diverse and reliable connection even when cable and fiber connections go down.


Wherever you do business, we’ve got you covered.

Set up shop just about anywhere with fast internet that helps you connect all your critical business applications such as voice over IP (VoIP), point-of-sale transactions, cloud-based storage and collaboration, email, file transfers, (M)IoT connectivity, and more.


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