Welcome Dynami Wireless, Fire-Wifi and 4G Antenna Shop Inc. Customers!

We have all combined to form the new

Infinite Internet Corporation Inc.

The new Infinite Internet Corporation is on a mission to expand and enhance your wireless broadband Internet experience.

We at Infinite have had enough of doing things the old fashion way.

Infinite Internet is about to make drastic network improvements in the LTE Internet market space. This new network is designed with you in mind and is a major overhaul of our Internet business model.

At Infinite we strive to be the best and we are investing in you and your Internet by building a private network within the AT&T core Fiber and Mobility system. This will enhance your quality of service, along with your data delivery speed and network latency.

These major network changes do not come cheap, but we are committed to not passing the expense to our customers, Instead we intend to expand capacity and build out an even more robust Internet network that serves one million clients and has room for more.

Stop sharing your data on a subpar network! It is time to protect your assets and join a network and data provider that has best in class equipment, service and is one of the very few AUTHORIZED AT&T APEX resellers in the nation.

NO NEED TO GO ANYWHERE ELSE because we at Infinite Internet are the innovators, designers, engineers, and the manufacture of the GTEN Infinite vSeries of broadband device.


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How will this change affect me?

If you are currently using an AT&T product on our network you will experience enhanced quality of service, including faster download speeds and improved website response times. Also your video will lag less and your latency will decrease greatly.

Will my price increase becaue of this?

Not at all, what you pay today will remain the same, this service investment that the Infinite Internet corporation is not going to be passed down to our clients.

Will I be out of service when this happens?

We do not expect any service outages, you will be notified before hand once your service is ready to experience the upgrade.

Why is Infinite improving the quality of service?

We have noticed in the past 12 months an overall decline in the shared network system. At the current moment you get your service directly from the carrier through our SIM card, what we propose instead is to build a private data network with AT&T fiber services to route traffic more efficiently through our own data centers across the nation. We will continue to add more centers as needed to enhance the experience.

What if I do not use AT&T services?

Then this will not affect you.

Can I switch to AT&T services?

Of course you can, but keep in mind, AT&T has strict qualifications for service eligibility. Please visit our AT&T information page at https://4gantennashop.com/infinite-business/

Can I use AT&T services if I do not have a business?

No, Unfortunately our AT&T service plans are for business clientele and their authorized employees only.

What is an authorized reseller of AT&T services mean to me?

This is particularly important, there are many fake websites or unauthorized sellers of AT&T wireless services claiming they have UNLIMITED data plans that can do the impossible, this is a SCAM, beware of these types of advertisements, because if it existed, we would offer it. The CARRIER DIRECTLY WOULD OFFER IT, they do not and neither do we. UNLIMITED data for a cell phone is quite different then the SIM card plan that is designed for your router. BUYER BEWARE!

Infinite Internet is an authorized AT&T data reseller and Partner exchange member in America.