What is 4GAS Online?
We are your local connection provider to super fast wireless Internet.

4GAS Online is the latest wireless service provider to enter in the nationwide Rural America market. Working with T-Mobile USA to provide home businesses with Internet speeds up to 4x faster than traditional DSL or satellite internet.

With 4GAS
Online, your days of dealing with worthless satellite internet are over. Our service is reliable with extensive coverage everywhere T-Mobile is available! Our 4G LTE network gives your laptops and desktops the speed and access you need wherever you are. Today’s satellite networks that are slow and bandwidth restrictive allowing usage only at certain times of the day.  4GAS Online was created with Rural America in mind and is focused on providing a quality  internet experience. The 4GAS Online network gives you access to the latest 4G LTE technology and loads of bandwidth, enabling you to download movies, participate in video conferences, upload videos or stream games faster than before.

What’s more,
4GAS Online is very affordable and hassle-free, unlike other internet companies with ridiculous contracts and installation fees. Our Rural America service plan starts at only $14.99 a month and does not require any professional installation, Just plug your modem into the wall and use the internet.

4GAS Online offers a variety of mobile, home and business grade modems designed to fit your needs.


To learn more about how you can get faster Internet at your home office, contact 4GAS Online at 1-815-205-3300.