Internet services for Rural America

Now with the highest high speed data allotment ever! 

Get more data over your current contracted satellite data plan with Infinite Internet powered by the 4G Antenna Shop Inc., our base plan now comes with a robust 250GB high speed data allotment on our enhanced Nationwide coverage network with speeds up to 20Mbps download and even faster slow down speeds after your allotment is completed. Plus we offer additional options to even make your speed faster, add additional data and so much more, so get more out of your internet experience with Infinite Internet.


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Get your Internet solution from the most reliable name in the business, Infinite by 4G delivers business-grade Internet services directly to your home or small business in any neighborhood in the United States.

The Most Data

Your business isn’t standard — So, why should your internet data allowances be restricted with such small limits? At Infinite, our minimum data plan offers a whopping 250GB of high-speed data with unlimited slower data after that! Need more? Ask for our custom solutions tailored to your exact needs.

Set Your Speed

Infinite has customized our base plan with speeds up to 20Mbs* download plus excellent upload speeds, fast latency rates and above average slower speeds. Even better, you can enhance these features with our available add on options to make the most of your Internet experience.

Best Value

Infinite offers the most data for the price, period. While other providers say “unlimited data”, we are one of the only ISP’s in the nation to guarantee your data allotment. Plus, we offer technical support, equipment protection and emergency carrier outage protection, all at one low price.


Infinite Internet now offers more robust options over any carrier.

The very best Internet experience now enhanced for 2020 and beyond.

Unlimited Data Myth - What the other providers claim they can do.

Is your plan truly unlimited high-speed data? Look at the fine print… not even major hard line cable and DSL providers offer unlimited data, so what makes you think that a startup wireless 4G provider can? The truth is “unlimited data” does not exist. Most of the smaller companies are using unlimited phone plans and hope on faith that you do not get slowed down, until one day… BOOM! You met the 22GB prioritization limit and then you’re stuck forever in the slow zone.

At Infinite, we hold major contracts with the common carriers in your neighborhood to ensure the data allotment assigned is your data on your circuit and will not be slowed down or affected. Plus, with our uptime guarantee, if one carrier goes down for whatever reason we will get you back in service with the next carrier immediately.

How do Infinite Internet plans work?

Infinite Internet plans are determined by the allotment of data. But feature high speeds of up to 20 Mbps.1 Here’s how it works:

GBs (Gigabytes)(Term used to determine how much data you can use)

Each plan has a minimum data allotment of 250 which is measured in gigabytes, or GBs. You use GBs every time you connect to the Internet. So if you have multiple people in your home or business connecting, you’ll want a plan with more GBs like Infinite Internet.

Mbps (Megabytes per second)(Term used to determine the speeds of the data)

Mbps is the speed of data. It measures how fast you upload or download data – like uploading a video or downloading an email attachment. All Infinite Internet plans come with download speeds up to 20 Mbps and upload of 10 Mbps.1

1 Actual speeds may vary and are not guaranteed.

Is Infinite Internet available my area?

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2 Actual coverage may differ than above, the coverage map is only an estimate of actual coverage.

The Internet delivered to your location

Without a single cable run going to your home… how is this even possible?

Connect your computer, TV or any other wireless device…

… All devices connect to the modem provided by Infinite…

… Infinite modem connects to our tower in your neighborhood.

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So how do I get started?

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What is included with my Infinite High-Speed service plan?

  • High speed Internet services up to a guaranteed allotment plus unlimited slower speeds after allotment is used
  • Wireless Internet device lease
  • Equipment failure protection and device replacement
  • Basic limited technical support, around the clock
  • Standard definition video streaming with buy up options
  • Additional buy up options to increase speed, data allotment and video quality.
  • Active first responder, military and government worker discounts
  • Many more options and custom plans available, call us now 850-449-8888

Infinite Internet Modem with Wi-Fi

Now included with the monthly service price

Specially designed with small businesses in mind, the modem design has been specifically tailored to provide you with the very best Internet experience with an emphasis on a user friendly installation.

  • Plug and play operation with rapid connection for almost instant online operation
  • Device features a very simple Ethernet and Wi-Fi connectivity setup
  • Simplistic back-end troubleshooting with Linux coding for easy reseller troubleshooting
  • Compatible with local neighborhood cellular towers

Our experienced engineers are available to assist with setup and any further assistance you may need. Trust our engineers will be ready to help you resolve any issues swiftly and with precision.