How 4GAS Online Internet Works

Similar to wireless cellphones, 4GAS Internet is beamed directly to your home business via a signal from our local area cellular towers and not from satellites in space. This is what makes 4GAS Internet available just about anywhere. There’s no need to worry about landlines or phone lines. 4GAS Internet is a faster than satellite, cost effective and excellent alternative to DSL and slower satellite services.

Here’s how wireless internet from 4GAS works:

  1. You’re on your laptop or tablet and you click on your favorite website. The signal goes to your 4GAS modem (or through your router first if you have one) and then through a short cable to the antenna outside your home (if required). Not all areas require an outdoor antenna.
  2. The signal is transmitted to our cellular towers in your neighborhood and not 22500 miles away in the sky.
  3. The connection to the internet remains strong during poor weather conditions because the service in on the ground.
  4. The modem delivers the wireless signal from 4GAS back into the main home via ethernet or wireless wifi technologies.
This all happens at the speed of light, giving you download speeds of up to 40 Mbps in some areas. The signal goes back and forth in a fraction of a second, allowing you to get online, stream music and videos and send large emails quickly and smoothly. It’s as simple as having as plugging in a modem to the power outlet in the wall.

4GAS Outdoor Wireless Antenna

The antenna for your 4GAS Internet is smaller than a satellite TV antenna dish. The 4GAS antenna is easy to install on your roof or the side of your home. While you do not require an external antenna in most cases, it will greatly improve your signal quality and internet download speeds.

4GAS Wireless Internet Modem

About the size of a small paperback book. You can put the modem on your desk or set it on a shelf. The newest 4GAS Modem includes a built-in wifi router and 4 ethernet adapters with easy to install antennas that just screw right on.

Our cellular network is always on line with you almost anywhere in the USA.

4GAS Internet service comes from local cellular towers powered by the T-Mobile 4G and LTE USA network. No matter if you are in a moving RV or a fixed building location you will always have a strong connection to the internet regardless of weather conditions.