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Why choose LTE over Satellite Internet?

Infinite Internet Rural America Impact

LTE Services Compared to Satellite:

Creating great equipment does not mean you have to cut costs or overcharge the consumer. After 9 years of working with the Rural American community, we have build and continue to improve a product that is best in class in the industry. These days, the Rural America client is highly educated in this project and Infinite Internet continues to meet the demands of this high paced wireless market.

At Infinite, our equipment is provided to compete with the core Satellite market and not to be a replacement to traditional wire-line services such as DSL or Cable, which are readily available in most major cities. Infinite does not conduct business in these metropolitan environments nor can we compete in them. Outside of these 12 major trading areas there is a high demand for high-speed data services where hard lines services can’t or don’t reach. LTE technology can make an impact, go beyond the wire and continue to close the digital divide for Rural America.

The results are clear when comparing LTE rural services to satellite.

Together let us explore why our Infinite Equipment Solutions is the best fit for your 4G LTE service needs for many years to come.

Infinite Internet expertise in the wireless industry


Providing a great product is all about understanding what the consumer needs. Today LTE data has become a relevant and driven revenue source for Rural Americans. This program is in extreme demand because wire-line data services just cannot reach everywhere, nor will the United States and Mexico ever have wire-line services that reach everyone. That is a simple fact.

For some time, Satellite Internet has dominated and ignored a market and has been able to set a high margin price point while providing low quality services.  A simple Google search will reveal how many unhappy customers continue to complain about their satellite internet service.  This is partly understandable because with satellite internet service the signal has to travel 23,000 miles to space and back two times just to complete one round trip – that’s a total minimum of 92.000 miles!  This creates a high amount of latency, and high latency equals poor service.

With LTE the distance required for your data transmission to make a round trip is drastically shorter compared to satellite because your data only has to travel through the air to the nearest local cellular tower.  This provides such an enhanced Internet experience compared to satellite with much faster load times and much lower latency.

Infinite Internet has a solid Rural America internet product. Our partnerships with several major carriers enable us to offer quality services to all potential markets across the United States. Infinite Internet continues its mission to provide quality data services beyond where the wire-line data services stop.

Rural America data services are considered a true utility and is in high demand with a great recurring revenue model.

Unlimited LTE Data Plans for Routers.

It does not exist!!! Anyone advertising unlimited data for your router is simply taking a prepaid sim card and selling it to you for a high markup. Honestly, you can do that yourself if you want to have a faith based internet plan that may work for the first 22GB’s and save yourself $100’s of dollars per month.

Click here to visit AT&T Prepaid plans website

There will never be an option for you to get unlimited data like you had in the early days of the smartphone.

Yet that hasn’t stopped carriers and other small resellers from trumpeting so-called unlimited data plans. But if a carrier says you’ll get unlimited data, it’s leaving out an important part of the story.

In a recent example “a major carrier” announced a new “unlimited” plan.  This sounds great until you see the caveats where they will slow down your data speeds if you go over 22 GB of data within a billing period.  This is commonly referred to as “throttling” and is a term that tends to make customers cringe. Throttling significantly slows your connection down until the next billing cycle begins. If you’ve ever been throttled, you know it makes your phone nearly impossible to use.  Hotspot usage over 10GB is also throttled.

90% of the Resellers in the United States are not authorized resellers, which means they are selling plans that are restricted from resale and will eventually go offline.

So instead of wasting your time, here’s the deal: You will always have to pay for high-speed wireless data.  If you go over a certain limit, you’ll have to pay more or deal with painfully slow speeds. There is no such a thing as an unlimited data plan, at least until someone creates a new and revolutionary way for us to wirelessly connect to the internet.

Today, “unlimited” is more of a marketing term that only means you won’t be charged more for going over a certain data cap. It doesn’t mean you’re guaranteed full-speed, unlimited data.

But there is some good news.

Infinite Internet offers equipment to work with any LTE carrier in the nation, regardless of the set amount of high speed data per month. LTE offers reliability that surpasses Satellite services so you know you will not be without service at any time.  You can now structure your data plan to have data allowance based on a daily or monthly basis.

Infinite remains vigilant to ensure all users have fair access to the Nationwide LTE carrier network and will never sell wireless products irresponsibly.

LTE wireless resellers will just never learn!


A message from the President of the 4G Antenna Shop Inc.


It baffles me beyond belief that in today’s Rural America internet industry there are smaller wireless resellers (many unauthorized) still offering unreasonably high data usage plans and deceiving the Rural America community, this behavior is disheartening and the practice is highly deceptive.

It’s a hope based system, which basically means they hope they do not get caught for reselling prepaid or normal business wireless plans and hope you do not experience problems with astronomical usage patterns with promises they can not keep. What is even crazier is that you can walk into an AT&T/Verizon/T-Mobile store and get the same exact plan at a fraction of the price.

In the very beginning we also offered unlimited data plans because that is what we were purchasing from the carrier, the only difference is we are authorized to resell our products. (AT&T MRA No: MA0268454UA – AT&T MSA Effective: 4/29/2016) (T-Mobile 4G Antenna Solutions Provider Internet Access Only + Residual (110918 mjf). But we quickly realized that selling unlimited data was a recipe for disaster.

So in late 2017 we introduced high-speed gigabyte usage limits according to the carriers public statements regarding their own Accept Usage Policies (AUP), we took immediate action to prevent overwhelming high speed usage on an already overly saturated network by limiting our sales to areas that were only truly underserved and would not cause strain on the carrier network. These corrections in our program worked for quite a long time and we provided a great product with a high speed usage allotment and then slow speeds to remain, in the hopes that the carrier would enforce it’s network management policies as stated on their own websites. Unfortunately, this never happened, and the high usage continued.

In 2019 we started to deploy carrier tools to help combat high data users and limit traffic, while this system was very helpful, educated clients were able to circumvent our systems by using APN’s that would allow them unrestricted traffic, not once were we at the 4G Antenna Shop Inc. ever approached by any carrier representative and everything continued to follow as normal and everyone enjoyed a smooth program.

COVID-19 strikes and LTE usage goes up triple fold, everyone is home now and using the internet, the increase in usage is astonishing and has the carriers asking questions to us like never before, we attempted and still are taking immediate measures to curb over usage but to what end, they are still selling unlimited data plans and now more than ever individuals, not corporations (some may be legit businesses) are opening multi line business accounts and selling unlimited or high usage data plans that do not exist on the market. They know the consumers are desperate for high usage plans and they figure they can stay under the radar with smaller accounts that have 10 or 20 lines each.

We refuse to do business like this, we rather sign you up for service direct with the carrier then partake in any deceptive business practice, we do not resell UNLIMITED data plans at all, all of our plans have a cap, this is the only responsible way to provide data and not allow a saturated market to have even more strain from our program. While you would think an UNLIMITED plan really means unlimited high speed data, I can tell you there is no such program in the LTE Market, Even the carriers direct programs throttle data speeds from time to time.

The way of business has changed for data in Rural America at the worse time when Americans are in need of great programs, of course we all understand the way of UNLIMITED is gone in Rural America, anyone who says different is being very deceptive, the days of extreme usage on ONE sim card is over. You can switch to a hundred different companies trying to do this same program (90% are probably our clients) and you will run into this brick wall a hundred times over. It just isn’t going to happen anymore.

We are taking a beating online with our reviews and understandably so, however at the 4G Antenna Shop Inc. we will continue to do our best to help all Rural Americans obtain quality internet services and equipment. Even if you do not get service plans directly from 4G Antenna Shop Inc. we are still committed to help you and your community obtain quality programs because you do not deserve to be abandoned or taken advantage of.

I invite you to be a part of the originators of this Rural American movement, Infinite Internet, Infinite Internet Consulting and the 4G Antenna Shop Inc. are still here and going strong ever since 2011, we are destined to enhance the wireless data experience and blast into the future with in house designed LTE/5G equipment that is leaps beyond the competition. Let’s evolve together and enjoy the internet for many years to come.




Robert Villanueva

Founder, President, Director

4G Antenna Shop Inc.

No need for a pricey outdoor antenna!

These days, the Rural America Internet market is filled with a bunch of individuals posing as companies and selling over priced wireless equipment that makes no real difference compared to what you can find locally at Walmart or Best Buy. In regards to boosting your LTE signal, there is no need for power amplifiers that cost over $300, A very simple solution to enhance coverage on the 600Mhz-850Mhz band is a Yagi Antenna from RCA, this antenna covers all the lower LTE bands like B5,B26,B12,B13,B14,B17,B29 and T-Mobile 5G B71. See Picture and link below:

Walmart RCA Antenna Click Here

As for the higher frequencies (1700-2600 Mhz)

A quality wide-band Parabolic antenna would be ideal in this setup, we recommend highly the 21db/24db CalAmp Parabolic Grid Antenna with Dipole, in 2011 we started selling this antenna with amazing success until we sold out of our complete stock. Parabolic is great for distances over 3 miles, At the 4G Antenna Shop, we are currently in development of a newer Parabolic grid antenna to focus on LTE bands 2,4,25,30,41 and 66, we will also offer a lower cost Flat Panel antenna, but remember you want the best gain then a Parabolic Antenna is the only way to go in LTE.

Here are some details from our old listing:

  • (1) Cal Amp Large Parabolic Reflector Grid – 24Wx20H
  • (1) Cal Amp Antenna Dipole with 18″ RG-213 Coax Wire – 21db Gain Feed with new connectors
  • (1) Cal Amp Antenna Mounting hardware pack, 2 U Bolts, 4 Mast Clamps, 4 Hex Bolts, Dipole Brackets – All New

Information for the 21db 130093-130120 Parabolic Antenna

PARABOLIC ANTENNA ASSEMBLY CalAmp’s high performance parabolic grid antennas provide unparalleled performance across the WiMax, MDS, ISM and MMDS bands.
Model 130093-130120
Description 21 dBi QLP Parabolic Antenna Assembly Electrical None
Frequency Range (MHz) 1700-2162 (AWS: TMO/AT&T/VZW) 2300 MHZ (AT&T) 2400-2483 (ISM: WIFI) 2500-2700 (BRS: TMO)
Gain 19dB ± 1dB, 20.5dB ± 1dB, 21dB ± 1dB Efficiency 43%, 44%, 45% VSVR 1.5:1 3 dB Beamwidth 14.8° ± 1.2°, 13.0° ± 1.5°, 12.5° ± 1.5° Side Lobe Level -18 dB ±2dB, -19 dB ± 3dB, -19 dB ±3dB Front-to-Back Ratio over near hemishpere 21 dB at 180 degrees 22 dB, 25 dB, 27 dB Polarization Vertical or Horizontal Cross polarization Rejection 25 dB, 25 dB, 28 dB Mechanical : None Reflector Type Wire Grid Parabola Size 20″ x 24″
Weight 6.6 lbs Shipped Focal Length 11″ Surface Accuracy 0.05″ RMS F/d Ratio 0.46 – 0.56 Quasi Log Periodic Feed Type End Fire Array Stainless Steel Mounting Hardware for 3/4-2″ O.D. Mast Azimuth Adjustment Continuous
Finish Powder Coat Paint Connector “N” Type Male Environmentally Sealed Operating Temperature -40°C to +80°C

LTE is up to 10x faster than typical DSL

Whether you run a farm, warehouse, medical office, restaurant, national retail chain or other type of business, you now have broadband capabilities that can keep up with your operations. 4G LTE internet is the best of its kind, providing broadband speeds up to 100 Mbps in select areas.

Fast installs

No need to wait on a technician! Infinite Internet equipment is typically received in just 3 to 5 days after placing your order, so you can get up and running immediately.

LTE has you covered nationwide

LTE provides a one-stop solution for businesses with multiple locations, enabling critical business applications such as voice over IP, point-of-sale transactions, cloud backup, file downloads, online collaboration, and more. LTE will help you seamlessly connect, no matter where your business is located.

You get a diverse backup connection

Businesses that rely on internet connectivity to operate in Rural America can now choose LTE internet as a primary or secondary connection because it provides a diverse and reliable connection even when cable and fiber connections go down.


Wherever you do business, we’ve got you covered.

Set up shop just about anywhere with fast internet that helps you connect all your critical business applications such as voice over IP (VoIP), point-of-sale transactions, cloud-based storage and collaboration, email, file transfers, (M)IoT connectivity, and more.


Limited time discounts on equipment – call now.